10 thoughts on “Helllooooo”

      1. So here’s where I have to ask, do you want brainstormed solutions or just support? And you thought only men had to ask women that. 😛

        Possibilities: acceptance, lean into the Lord, figure He is giving you a time of rest and refreshment, go for a walk somewhere peaceful where you can appreciate His creation, read something old (like Puritans), listen to non-singing, peaceful music and just read your bible.

        (Disclaimer: disregard all that are not helpful :P)

        Sorry to hear about the writing drought and I pray that the Lord rains down on you inspired content that He wants you to write. 🙂

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        1. Thank you Jennifer, you’re a good friend! I like your suggestions and I think I’ll use all of them in mixed and matched turns. 🙂


      2. My advice: put The Manuscript aside and have some fun. Just you and a pen and paper. Tell yourself you will throw it away afterwards, so it doesn’t matter what you write. Loss of fun leads to writer’s block. Clean out the plumbing with an hour of indulging in what made want you to write in the first place, and everything else will work again.

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        1. Thank you, Dorothy. Those are great suggestions Specially “the loss of fun leads to writers block.” One thing that comes to mind is I’ve been toying with changing my writing style from ‘teaching’ mode to ‘story’ mode. Which brings up a change in mechanics and mindset.

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          1. Sigh. That is a hard one.
            Just put on your grandfatherly story-telling hat. (I hope you are a grampa). And adjust your voice to suit the age group. And remember the BIG writing prompt: WHAT IF?
            And then have fun with the What If? I really think God did the What If exercise before He created the earth and us, because His creation is just soooo amazing!

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    1. I always thought of the Wiz of Oz being a great analogy of a person having a sudden ‘where am I?’ experience in their life.. ( “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.” ) 🙂

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