Deep Calls to Deep

Come Let Us Reason Together

If I reject the bible as being God’s inerrant, inspired, authoritative word of truth, then by what authority do I have to appeal my claim of being a Christian? It is, after all, written primarily for the instruction of His own people around and across the globe. Just as “…there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved(Jesus.)” Acts 4:12  there is no other written work, or document, to which man can appeal in order to genuinely claim being a Christian, a follower of Christ in this world.

The bible being the inspired, inerrant, authoritative word of God, it is also the only rule and standard for faith and practice for those who are Christians, who claim Christ.

Oh, people can still make the claim while denying the bible, but there is no power behind their assertion; there is no authenticity to support their profession. If the bible is willfully diminished in any way it becomes useless to the mind of who opens the book to browse the words therein, according to the purpose for which it was given. If the bible has no authority of its own then Christianity becomes simply a noun instead if a verb; a dead title instead of a life-giving dynamo.

That’s not to say we must understand every nuance of every word written within, but it is more instructive to say, “I don’t understand this part” than to say, “I don’t believe it because I don’t understand it.” Or, “I don’t believe it because it doesn’t fit within my personal values or life-style.”

The bible is honest and true. Just so, it is only beneficial to those who are honest and true in their approach to the bible.

‘Come now, let us reason together…’ says the LORD. (Isaiah 1:18)



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