Intellect In Search Of Truth

I edited, updated and am re-posting.

The rambling reasoning of a wretch, reaching out to know.

Or: Seeking God for searchable certitude.

Using our intellect in search of knowing God is the highest approbation we can return Him for providing such an instrument as the ability to reason. A well thought out and supportable theology is the point of that search. It helps organize our understanding of relationship with God, and endows it with a language suitable for limited human aptitude toward such comprehension…

Our primary purpose for being is to know God. He has given us a fine agent called the “intellect” to further us toward that goal. How we will to use this gift is left up to us, however. It can be used for the profane of the material world through manipulation, and rejection of the Giver. Or it can be used for the highest purpose of seeking to know our Creator and Savior. The latter pursuit is the most noble we can endeavor. For what higher, more exalted, and more compelling goal can there be than to know God?

“Come now, let us reason together” the Lord beseeches us in Isaiah (Isaiah 1:18). WHOOOA! Almighty God, the living, infinite Creator of all, condescends to call, to invite me, who is less than the least, come alongside HIM, and learn from HIM! What should my response be? If I have now been put in my right mind(and He has done this for me), I will to come posthaste with so gracious an entreaty! To give back to Him the full use of faculties He has endowed to me, limited though they may be. To do so is only my reasonable service. Reason-able is the key word, bestowed by the Creator of all good things. Knowing Almighty God is the key to all knowledge and wisdom. In Him, alone is the Light of life and the Desire of the Ages.

Albert Einstein applied his incredible intellect to the study of God’s creation. How much more would he have discovered if he had applied that energy to also knowing God?


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