Doing It Wrong

I do everything wrong. I brush my teeth before I eat breakfast. I don’t clean the shower immediately after showering, I wait till I can see that it needs it then scrub-scrub-scrub. I do it wrong.

I don’t check the oil in my car till the “check engine” light glares at me from the instrument panel. I do it wrong.

I check the air in the tires, but if one is low I say “good enough for this trip.” I check the air by kicking the tires. I do it wrong. One time I drove on a low tire so long somebody passing by said “you have a flat tire!” I said “ no, it’s only low.” They shook their head and kept going. I do that wrong. Knowing I have a low tire(s) I came out one morning, checking them I found they were all up and ok – I thought my eyes were doing it wrong, too.

I have the right theology but I probably do that wrong too. Sometimes I can almost see God shake his head at me the way my pappy used to. But I never heard Him actually say “You’re doing it wrong” so maybe I can skate by on that one.

I thought I was blogging right, or at least ok, but somebody came by and told me I was doing it wrong.

Guess I’ll go outside and check the tires.


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7 thoughts on “Doing It Wrong”

    1. You are so right, Jennifer! After boxing so many shadows I now only engage battle when I’m pushed all the way up the hill and my back is resting against the cross. 🙂

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