What if Christians are Wrong About Going to Heaven and Hell?

Simple and concise and very, very true. Well said! Reminds me of the seventeenth century philosopher “Pascal’s Wager.”

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A popular question for some reason I keep hearing from non believers is, what if christians are wrong? So lets explore that from a secular viewpoint.

If I am wrong and the Buddhist are right, then I will reincarnate as a worm or cow no matter what I do- whats it matter?

If I am wrong and Atheists are right, Then I will die and fade into oblivion- Whats it matter?

If I am wrong and Muslims are right, Then no matter what I do I will go to hell, because none can be as great a martyr as Mohammad- Whats it matter?

But lets assume I am Right in that salvation only comes from Jesus Christ. Buddhist and Muslims will burn in hell with the atheist while I go to heaven.

There are only 3 world views in afterlife beliefs: Reincarnation, Oblivion, and Heaven and Hell. 2 of those…

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