More on the Charlie Hebdo attack

Yes, indeed. “Je suis Charlie Hebdo” that freedom to speak freely is never silenced.

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For those unable to follow all the events as they happen, the Telegraph has a good live blog, which the paper started just after the Charlie Hebdo attack took place on Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

This is the list of those who were murdered in cold blood by a religious terrorist or two with a Kalishnikov (12:35 p.m., Thursday, January 8):

• Charb – (real name Stéphane Charbonnier) 47, an artist and publisher of Charlie Hebdo

• Cabu – (real name Jean Cabut) 76, the lead cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo

• Georges Wolinski – 80, an artist who had been drawing cartoons since the 1960s

• Tignous – (real name Bernard Verlhac) 57, a member of Cartoonists for Peace

• Bernard Maris – (known as “Uncle Bernard”) 68, an economist and columnist for the magazine

• Honoré – (real name Philippe Honoré) 73, the artist who drew the last…

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