Limiting True Power Through Wisdom

Limitations of True Power – Wisdom:

It was the beginning of class and one man raised his hand. “Yes.” I acknowledged him. “Is it true there’s nothing God can’t do?” he asked. “It’s called Omnipotence” I answered. “Well, can he make a rock so heavy he can’t lift it?” he asked. Oh boy, I had another one of those! I had only heard that question, or one like it, from a class clown about ten thousand times and I was not in the mood.

“Fetch-the-stick-Rover” is the game I felt was being played with me, as bible class facilitator, when somebody who obviously didn’t want to be there, asked a question to divert or disrupt. So I did what I usually do in such circumstances – I answered his question as though he meant it seriously, so as not to embarrass him in front of his peers.

I said, “In theory He could do that, or anything humanly unimaginable, without compromising His omnipotence. However, He limits His power through His wisdom, so as not to reduce Himself to become a mere circus performer for the entertainment of lowly men, who His only aim is to lift up from their lowly position. And therein is manifest His true power – He limits it.”

And therein is Gods true power made known; by how He limits Himself for His own wisdoms sake in favor of His own end-plan. The salvation of many when there is no hope for any, in and of themselves.

Why does God allow bad things to exist? Why does God put up with all the evil in the world? Why does bad things happen to good people?

Those are subjective questions. Who should God let define for Him what evil and what sin needs to be destroyed without destroying all sin common to mankind? Since all sin – even the “little-white-lie” sin – has evil hidden in it, He would have to destroy all life on earth to completely do away with it. He isn’t willing to destroy the potential good along with the obvious evil to those ends, otherwise evil would have won. The proof is in the birth, death and resurrection of His Son, Christ Jesus. The future good is secured already. Evil is passing away, and even now the seeming increase of it in the world is a sure sign it knows it’s time is drawing near the end. Like a scorpion that whips it’s stinging tail wildly around in its death-throes, lashing out to make contact with anything to cause damage before it succumbs.

I leave you with one verse in the bible that answers all questions about God or the bible itself: Deuteronomy 29: 29. I have used that single verse many times to finish an answer of questions asked of me. God has already given us more than enough information to know everything we need to know about Him. As a Christian, beware of thinking you need to have an answer for every question asked about Him. We can’t even give answers for every question we have about ourselves. If mankind is a mystery, how much more so God?


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