Silent Night? Hardly!

Christmas Greetings to all:

I just had a thought while remembering again that Israel experienced four hundred years of silence before the coming of Christ, the God-man, the promised Messiah. Four hundred years of not hearing a prophet speak for God. Four hundred long years of God just letting them simmer in silence.

It was nearly as lengthy as their time in Egypt as slaves, before He sent Moses as His emissary of emancipation to free them from bondage. But that connection isn’t my point.

What strikes me is that there has been NO silence from Almighty God for the past two thousand years since He freed us from the bondage of sin. His church, world-wide has been proclaiming the Glory of the Lords presence, world-wide since He left us with that commission. His Holy Spirit has been moving to and fro around the world quietly speaking to hearts, preparing the way of the LORD. He hides His message in plain sight for all to see – and some to ignore – and still others to deny. But He has NOT been silent. Therefore, none has excuse. (Romans 1:19-21)

Those four hundred years of silence, though, were broken by the most miraculous, heaven-and-earth shaking occurrence ever performed by Almighty God, the Savior. He came to His creation on earth and walked among us for awhile, in the similitude of a man, experiencing first hand what we experience as one of His creatures.

Makes me think in my personal life about those times of His seeming silence. Something like: What miracle is He preparing? And when will He reveal it? Every blessing he bestows to me I count a miracle. Because I certainly didn’t do anything to deserve it.

The Amazing Grace of Almighty God, in Christ!!




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