Is Christianity a cliché?

Is Christianity a cliché?

Then why is it presented as one all too often? Why is it sold and oversold?

When Christ walked the earth was He a salesman promoting a new religious product?

Is that how He “won” new disciples?

Did He engage in debates or conversations to win people over to His way of thinking or religious philosophy? That was never His purpose when He conversed with people or gave an answer to the Pharisees and Sadducees who questioned Him.

Why would God ever need to sell Himself? Why would He ever need an army of followers to do it for Him?

The American culture of salesmanship is no friend to Christ Jesus, but products based on Him are some of the most marketable, money-making propositions in the economy.

Why are so many church gatherings so reminiscent of sales conventions? Why do pastors who leave the ministry so often end up going into sales marketing as a vocation?

Why are so many self-avowed agnostic musicians using the Christian Music industry to break into the pop music market to become known “artists”, and then “crossing over” to a “wider audience”?

Truth cannot be bought and sold. It can, however be marketed at a hefty profit as so evidenced in our culture; but at a price of watering down its appearance and reputation.

When the rich young man asked Jesus how he could be assured of heaven, Jesus didn’t tell him to give all his riches to HIM and follow Him. He instructed the man to give all his possessions to the poor then follow Him. Luke 18:18-23

Thank God, I don’t have to pay Jesus rent for abiding in my heart, as I could never afford the price!

This isn’t a new rant, but it’s mine for the day.


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