Complaints Are Free

I feel like I should write something in complaint of something. Complaining is a favorite pastime, it seems, of the whole human race. Most Psychologists will say that “venting” is healthy for a person and therefore promotes good mental health.

But I just can’t think of anything to complain about. Not that I see everything through rose colored glasses, nor am I particularly an optimist. I can certainly have periods of dour pessimism. And not because I think the world is operating ever-so-smoothly. Far from it. The whole world seems to be going insane, except for me and you (or is it you and I), and pointing their collective fingers at us saying. “No, YOU’RE crazy!”

When I was a kid, one of five (circa 1828) my dad’s nick-name for me was “Grumpy”, because I was. Early on I saw the world wasn’t what it should be and that ticked me off. After all, at eight years old in a perfect world I should be able to have a .22 rifle with which to go hunting instead of a BB gun to plink at cans. Obviously the world needed to change because things had changed…I was now in it. A New World was needed.

However, many, many years later I’ve seen a good deal of “New Worlds” come and go and yet it remains the same. But one important change has/is taking place…me. Over the years I’ve been losing the sense that all things need to please me personally. I don’t always have to be proven right, rarely am, and that’s ok. The world, and humanity’s history in it, is no doubt unfolding as it should with very little help from me.

With all the imperfections, atrocities, mayhem, wars, injustice, death and destruction, there is still much gentleness, goodness, caring people, warmth of humanity, loving kindness, affection and beauty to counter it all. This is a real-time indicator to me that Somebody is in charge, and all things are not random.

I have seen political “activists” force change in ways they were sure was right for mankind, only to make things worse; even to the point of bringing on wars between peoples and countries. I have read about it in the bible, been warned that it will continue to happen, and witnessed it in my lifetime. Humanity is broken, knows it’s broken, blames others around him, and has the temerity to think he can fix himself if others will just bend to his will. Not going to happen and can’t happen in that way. That which is broken can’t fix itself. Neither can extra-terrestrials, super heroes, good witches, ghosts nor vampires. Neither Hollywood movies, nor fiction writers (excellent though they may be), is going to fix us.

Even so, I believe that-which-is-broken is unfolding in the direction of wholeness and healing; albeit along a very serpentine course. I believe this by what has been made known to us by Almighty God through Christ Jesus. And by observing the faithfulness of His truth through my own lifetime. I have learned, and am still learning, that absolute Truth does exist, and by its nature remains true should nobody believe it, Likewise, it remains unaltered by changing opinion.

And therefore, in spite of all the pain in the world, as well as my own personal pain, I can’t think of anything to really complain about (except maybe the price of eggs…and beef). So I guess that leaves only one thing to do: Give thanks!




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