New Blog

Just what the world needs, right? A new blog. Be that as it may, let us see what God has wrought. I will see how it progresses as I record and follow my thoughts about my life-long (nearly) relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m not a “church” Christian, nor a “religious” Christian. But I have definite relationship with the Savior, and very personal. What do I find it like to be a Christian in this world? What is it like to be a Christian among other Christians who don’t view relationship with the Savior exactly in the way I experience Him? However, I do consider myself a bible-believing Christian who adheres to the orthodoxy of Christian theology. I will endeavor to follow these types of thought patterns. It’s a big world out there even though the internet has made it smaller. And Christ is everywhere in it, hiding in plain sight.


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